TEC Connections Academy (TECCA)


TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA)

TECCA is an independent Massachusetts Commonwealth Virtual School. Students enrolled in TECCA attend full-time.

To contact TECCA please call: 774-315-5123

For additional information including how to enroll in TECCA or attend an information session please click here:http://www.connectionsacademy.com/massachusetts-virtual-school/home.aspx

History of TECCA

TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA) is a a fully accredited tuition-free public virtual school that serves students in grades K–12 across Massachusetts. 

To contact TECCA please call: 774-315-5123

TECCA was sponsored in its application to be a Commonwealth Virtual School by The Education Cooperative in November 2013 and approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education as Massachusetts' 2nd Commonwealth Virtual School on February 25, 2014. As an independent K-12 public school and school district, it is committed to meeting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' rigorous standards for academic achievement and accountability.It is accountable directly to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and is autonomous of all other public bodies, including its sponsor. Click here to read more about Commonwealth Virtual Schools.

You can read the press releases here:  BESE Press Release  and TECCA Approved by BESE.

Click here to read the July 10, 2014 article in The Boston Globe.

Why did TEC sponsor TECCA?

History of Innovation: TEC Online Academy

In 2009 TEC Superintendents collaborated to establish the TEC Online Academy to:

  • Develop district capacity for teaching and learning in an online environment
  • Create highly effective models of online instruction
  • Expand opportunities for all students to take online courses

The Education Cooperative’s TEC Online Academy is an innovative online learning environment designed to provide the opportunity for all high school students to develop skills as 21st century learners. Today, participating TEC teachers have created over 40 innovative online course and over 600 students have successfully completed a TEC Online Academy course. 

On January 2, 2013, An Act Establishing Commonwealth Virtual Schools, Section 94 of G.L. c. 71 was signed into law by Governor Patrick. Our successful experience creating and operating the TEC Online Academy has inspired TEC to develop an application to establish a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Virtual School (CMVS). 

The CMVS legislation established the future of virtual school in Massachusetts including:

  • The establishment of not more than 10 Commonwealth of MA Virtual Schools that will be allowed to operate in the MA at any time;
  • The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will issue certificates to operate a CMVS that shall be for at least three and up to five years;
  • The total number of students attending all CMVS’s full-time must not exceed 2 % of the total number of students attending public schools in the MA;
  • Students will still be subject to MCAS and graduation requirements; and
  • Courses will be taught by MA licensed teachers and they will be evaluated using MA evaluation system.

Preference was given to applications that include an educational program or specialized focus that appropriately addresses one or more of the following:

  • students with physical or other challenges that make it difficult for them to physically attend a school;
  • students with medical needs requiring a home or hospital setting;
  • students with unusual needs requiring a flexible schedule;
  • students who are over-age for their grade;
  • students who have been expelled;
  • students who have dropped out or who are at risk of dropping out;
  • students who are pregnant or have a child;
  • students with social and emotional challenges…make it difficult for them to physically attend a school;
  • students who feel bullied or cannot attend school because the students’ safety is at risk;
  • gifted and talented students;
  • students who seek academic work not available in their school;
  • students in rural communities; and
  • students in institutionalized settings.

TEC's application to become a CMVS was designed to:

  • Focus on best practices in online instructional design, pedagogy and best practices;
  • Mirror the rigor and academic excellence of the local (f2f) classroom experience;
  • Provide access to a comprehensive, appropriate and challenging curriculum;
  • Be taught by highly qualified, skilled, MA certified teachers;
  • Promote increased student engagement; and
  • Expand opportunities to develop 21st C. skills.

TEC's Educational Goals:

  • Establish a successful a virtual school that will serve students who seek an alternative online learning environment based on their personal needs;
  • Provide affordable access to supplementary learning opportunities to support remediation, home-hospital, transition, summer, learning gaps, enrichment, and acceleration;
  • Create flexible, differentiated learning experiences for all students; 
  • Stimulate student curiosity, exploration, collaboration;
  • Create a STEM Academy, Arts Academy, and Language Academy;
  • Leverage TEC’s College & Career Student Internships; and
  • Establish an early college learning program.

TEC has held several Community Meetings to share information about our application and gather feedback. You can review the Community Meeting Presentation by clicking here.

In October, Representative Paul McMurtry hosted an informational meeting  for TEC to present our plan to our elected local and state representatives at the Massachusetts State House. 

Who was on theFounding Board?

Nancy Gallivan……...Chair TEC Board of Directors and Walpole School Committee
Dr. Brad Jackson……Superintendent, Holliston Public Schools
Dr. Jean Kenney…….Assistant Superintendent, Walpole Public Schools
Liz McGonagle.……..Executive Director, The Education Cooperative
Liz Pape .……..……..Executive Consultant, Former CEO, Virtual High School
Kirby Salerno .……... Vice President of Sales, TenMarks Education
Dr. Peter Sanchioni …Superintendent, Natick Public Schools
Dan Shovak ………….Director for Finance & Operations, The Education Cooperative

The Final Proposal

TEC submitted a comprensive proposal to DESE's Office of Digital Learning to establish the TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School. 

Program Approval

On February 25, 2014 the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education unanimously approved the TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School will open in the fall of 2014.

You can read the press release here: BESE Press Release


For additional information including how to enroll in TECCA please visit: www.connectionsacademy.com/Massachusetts 

To contact TECCA please call: 774-315-5123




For additional information including how to enroll in TECCA please visit: www.connectionsacademy.com/Massachusetts

To contact TECCA please call: 774-315-5123