Course Options & Information

TEC offers students access to online courses from two sources:

1) TEC Online Academy (TOA) courses created and taught local teachers

2) TEC Connections Learning (TEC CL).

Click here for a graphic that helps to explain.

Registration takes place through the school guidance office.


TEC Online Learning Courses

These courses are developed and facilitated by teachers from the TEC member districts and feature innovative electives, AP, Honors and NCAA eligible courses.

Click here to access the 2017-2018 school year Program of Studies for courses created by local teachers. The bulk of our registrations come from enrollment in courses offered by our partners at Connections Learning. 

TEC Connections Learning (TEC CL) 

These online courses are provided by our partner, Connections Learning and feature original credit, credit recovery, and enrichment courses. These courses are also available to students who may not be able to attend their local school.

Course Listings: 

Elementary    Middle School    High School

Detailed course descriptions.

Students: K-12 Students
Start Date:  Rolling Admissions 

How do I register?

Academic School Year Calendar: 2017-2018



Semester 1: August 30, 2017 - January 23, 2018

August 30 - September 5 – Courses begin*

October 18: First Term Progress Report

November 3: End of First Term

December 13: Second Term Progress Report

January 17: Second Term Ends

January 23: Final Grades Submitted to District


Semester 2: January 24, 2017 - June 1, 2018

January 24 – January 29: Courses begin*

March 14: First Term Progress Report

April 3: End of First Term (3rd term for year-long courses)

May 2: Second Term Progress Report

May 25: Second Term Ends for SENIORS in HIGH SCHOOL (4th term for year-long courses)

June 1: Second Term Ends (4th term for year-long courses with others)

June 8: Final Grade Submitted to District for all other students


*Note: There is rolling enrollment for TEC CL courses beyond the first 10 days of the semester, drops must occur within 10 days of enrollment to avoid being charged.



Why did TEC partner with Connections Learning?

Sometimes a student may not be able to attend school due to an unexpected absence caused by a medical or other issue but may want to continue their studies by taking up to 4 courses online.

TEC has partnered with Connections Learning to offer a comprehensive core curriculum of online courses taught by highly qualified teachers so that even if a child cannot physically attend school, he/she can still fully participate in a rigorous academic program with his/her peers.

Ask your guidance counselor for additional information about how to register for TEC Online Academy courses.