We are proud to share these special comments from our parents...

Our Continuing Wonderful Experience with TEC! 

We went to observe a TEC classroom that our son would potentially be attending. Within the first few minutes of meeting the teacher and staff, we just knew this was going to be the perfect program for him. Over the past 2 1/2 years TEC has become part of our family. We are all on a journey together with our son through the happy, sad, exciting, memorable moments! We can't thank everyone enough for their continued positive support and dedication to our son day after day. We are beyond grateful. Thank You for always being there for us!

-Amy K. Parent of TEC Student

What can we say about the new TEC Campus School? "Home away from home" are the words that come to mind. Our 14 year old son has attended TEC since the age of three and he is surrounded by loving and caring staff at the new campus. It's a clean, bright environment that crosses between home and school. When he shows up at the door of the TEC Campus School each morning, a happy smile usually spreads across his face. It's truly like leaving him with family. He especially enjoys outings with TEC. Whether it's bowling, swimming, a trip to the store or fall apple picking, he is sure to have a blast. The experiences and care that he gets at TEC is like an extension of our family life, plus more. We love our TEC!
-Kathy G. Parent of TEC Student

Our daughter has been in the Intensive Middle School program since September and we can’t say enough great things about this program! The staff are sensitive and knowledgeable and have done a wonderful job implementing a unique program that addresses her multiple disabilities. The initial evaluation done by TEC identified areas of strength for my daughter that had not been identified in her previous placement. Using this information, her individual program has been developed to maximize these strengths. She is happy and really thriving in this environment!
-Cari C. Parent of TEC Student

When Kyle was 14 he left WPS for TEC collaborative to start his vocational training. It was challenging for us to make the decision to put him on a bus every day and send him away from our community and his neighborhood school which I had always envisioned him attending. I know now it was the best decision we could have made. I could not be happier with the services and supports he received.

TEC staff was so invested in finding Kyle’s strengths and running with them. I credit them with making his first job a reality. Kyle is currently employed and volunteers daily in a site that TEC picked out, set up and supported him at until (and honestly after) the day he turned 22.
- Michelle Fallon, Parent of TEC Graduate

With all of the concern and anxiety that new parents experience when faced with the prospect of dealing with a special needs child, it is so comforting to know that there is an institution with motivated professionals, that is just as invested as we [the parents] are in helping our wonderful, special angels realize their fullest potential. We have been very fortunate that our school district has a relationship with the TEC organization.

Our son has been a part of TEC for almost two years now and every day we see the strides he has made since being part of the TEC program. From a child who barely spoke or walked, he is now an assertive, confident, friendly child who loves gym and music and soccer and basketball. He recites his numbers and sings nursery rhymes when he hears them. He loves his teachers and specialists and enjoys sharing things with his classmates.

How wonderful that TEC now has their own campus for most of the students to attend, in close proximity with the administrators. 
- Lisa W. Parent of TEC Student

Our daughter has gained so much from being in school! All the staff has a way of teaching her that I was not able to do. She gets all her therapies at TEC and is progressing! She absolutely loves going to school and wakes up full of smiles when I tell her time to get up for school! The ratio of teachers to students is wonderful. The staff takes their time with each student as each student learns differently! Staff makes learning fun. She and I love her school and recommend it to everyone! Wonderful job!
-Jen S. Parent of TEC Student