1:1 Chromebook Program

1:1 Chromebooks!

We believe that by providing a 1:1 computing environment, students will be more engaged, collaborative, reflective, and active in their learning. Chromebooks open the doors to an ever-expanding world of information on the Internet, filled with high-quality up-to-date content that is only limited by the imagination. We will meet students where they are, 21st century learners, far more skilled in technology than us, and give them the tools to increase those skills, the flexibility to meet their individual learning needs, and the freedom to realize their potential. Students will be prepared for the world beyond high school – they will be good collaborators on projects; they will be skilled researchers; they will be critical thinkers; and they will be professional communicators.

Each student enrolled at TEC High School, TEC Phoenix Academy, Middle Therapeutic, and Moderate Transition II is issued a Chromebook for use during school hours. This Chromebook is owned by TEC, but each student will have access to use the same Chromebook throughout their academic career at TEC. Each student is given a TEC Google Apps for Education account. This account can be accessed from any internet-connected device allowing the students to complete work at home, at the library, or anywhere they choose. Teachers have real-time access to student work throughout the assignment process, from creation to completion, and can offer feedback to help a student submit the best version of an assignment.

Students and Parents/Guardians must sign the Acceptable Use Policy and Chromebook Loan Agreement included in the Everything Technology Guide before a student is issued their Chromebook. TEC provides a Chromebook to each student to use during their placement at TEC High School, TEC Phoenix Academy, Middle Therapeutic, or Moderate Transition II. Students may personalize their Chromebook with static cling decals on the outside of the Chromebook, a login icon, and desktop wallpaper. Students are also given an account to MIDAS Education, TEC's student information system, where they have access to their courses, assignments, and grades.

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