Lesson A- What was Harmony Grove?

In this lesson, students will view a PowerPoint that will introduce them to Harmony Grove, a popular recreational area in Framingham in the 19th century. As the teacher moves through the presentation, the students will discover that the Grove was also an important gathering place for abolitionists, who held annual 4th of July rallies there for several years. The rally of July 4th,1854 is highlighted for its esteemed speakers (Henry David Thoreau and Sojourner Truth among others), as well as the controversial burning of the United States Constitution by William Lloyd Garrison.

Harmony Grove PowerPoint

The details of that rally are revealed slowly through the use of a historical broadside promoting the event. The broadside and an anti-slavery banner from the collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society can be viewd below:

Massachusetts Antislavery Society Broadside  

Massachusetts Antislavery Banner


Credit for Banner Image:

"Map of the Town of Framingham, Middlesex County, Mass." Boston: H.F. Walling, 1872.