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"I would definitely recommend this internship placement to other students interested in Chemistry, or even just science in general. It was incredibly valuable in helping me see the kind of work that a degree in chemistry can get me, and it helped me learn the kinds of techniques and procedures that professionals use in that field. I think this internship has helped me to confirm my choice to major in physical chemistry or chemical physics at college; much of the work I did was very interesting, and it was satisfying to see how the mathematics and the physics were able to come out in practical scientific applications." Thomas P., chemistry intern, Woburn.

"The summer of my junior year, my internship coordinator at TEC paired me with a startup in Boston. I had the opportunity to work with an incredibly intelligent group of individuals. The firm was about to transition to market when I was brought on, and being part of a small team, I was exposed to the intricacies of the business and expected to produce high quality and meaningful products. I wholeheartedly believe that my internship through TEC and my letter of recommendation from our CEO set me apart in the college admissions process, and secured me a spot in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania's class of 2020. I had such a great experience with TEC, learned so much through my site at my internship placement, and have made so many meaninful connections along the way. I fully believe in the program and unequivocally recommend applying for a TEC internship." Brooks G., startup intern, Southborough.

"I would definitely recommend this internship to another student! I found it really valuable to get the whole working experience (commuting, being in an office, working with different people, and even being around the city on my own). There were so many learning opportunities and so many people who loved to talk about what they do. I think students should know that participating in an internship requires them to be very self-guided, and comfortable doing different tasks."  Julia B., government intern, Wayland.

"Thank you for placing me in a physical therapy internship and supporting me through every step. It really gave me a glimpse into what could possibly be my future profession and that is invaluable. I learned so much by watching which exercises and stretches my mentor prescribed for what injury, which is so important to me concerning my participation in sports. It was also helpful to see how he approached the different people he treated with unique methods. I hope you can possibly help me find another patient-related placement for next summer." Zoe V., physical therapy intern, Brookline.


"Our intern was very self-motivated, needed little supervision and was eager to learn. He was a quick learner and contributed energy and organization to our team" Health insurance company.

"Interested, enthusiastic and fully focused and engaged on all tasks assigned to her [intern]. The internship helped TEC's intern to think 'outside-the-box' in all tasks and to step out of her comfort zone" Communications company.

"Our intern learned new methods of medical research. She paid attention to details, helped analyze significant amounts of data, working with advanced computer programs and was always willing to learn more" Medical research organization.

"Our TEC intern had excellent leadership skills, she gave a youthful voice to our store, our clients loved her and went to her for advice" Fashion design.


"I highly recommend TEC internships.  It definitely was an advantage for getting my daughter into college." Kathy  

"My daughter's acceptance letter from CWRU actually contained a PS stating they were very impressed with her TEC internship and career exploration activities." Kim  

"Three of my daughters have done TEC internships - excellent opportunities for students." Jean  

"Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with the whole process my son went through during his internship through TEC at NEBC. He worked hard, was given a great variety of job duties, interviewed people in different positions, and had a great experience. We will definitely be taking advantage of other opportunities the TEC internship program offers and future internships." Barb F., parent of a sports management intern, Hopkinton.


Emily Manz - Program Coordinator for Internships & Career Exploration 

Emily received her BA in Journalism and MA in Digital Media from Northeastern University. As a double Husky, she knows her way around an internship, initiating her own program at her hometown newspaper, The Berkshire Eagle, in addition two co-op rotations in the Living/Arts department of The Boston Globe during her time at Northeastern. Emily returned to Northeastern as a Marketing Coordinator for the D'Amore McKim school of Business for five years. Most recently, she was the Director of Programming and Communications at the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce, where she was responsible for promoting local business and fostering relationships. In her new role at TEC, Emily looks forward to continuing to grow these business relationships even further! Emily lives with her husband and daughter Lucie in Walpole.

Emily may be reached at

Lisa Crist - Assistant Coordinator for Internships & Career Exploration

Lisa has a background in marketing, educational publishing, and non-profit development. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Boston University and BS in Literature from Earlham College. She has over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, including positions with The Los Angeles Times, Harvard Business School Publishing, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Inly School. Lisa lives with her husband, daughters, and small cadre of pets in Sharon. 

Lisa may be reached at