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Saves time and money

For over thirty years The Education Cooperative has been offering competitively bid savings opportunities on thousands of products through our locally-managed Cooperative Purchasing program. We work on behalf of the school systems to secure volume purchasing contracts that have benefits that are measurable and cost effective. 


Office & Classroom Supply Bid (POCAS-19) School Year 2018-2019

POCAS-19 Legal Notice

TEC Paper, Office, Classroom & Art Supplies Bid for School Year 2018-2019 Cover Memo

POCAS-19 Bid Specs

POCAS-19 Vendor Forms (word docs)

POCAS-19 Vendor Bid List Form (excel spreadsheet)

FYI Bid Documents:  School Year 18-19 Bid Calendar   School District Delivery Points  Sum of School Districts


Office & Classroom Supply Bid (POCAS-18) School Year 2017-2018

Award info:  Award Summary


Food Service Bid (FSB-19) School Year 2018-2019


TEC Food Bid Opening building access:


If you are planning on attending the TEC Food Bid Opening Thursday, 4/12/18 at 11:00 a.m. please allow extra time to go to our reception desk, sign in and get a visitor's badge before proceeding upstairs to our meeting in the Professional Development Room #1 (PLC1).  As you know, late bids cannot be considered for award.  The room is available starting at 8:30 a.m. 



Bid Addendum#1 3-16-18

Bid Addendum#2 3-22-18

Bid Addendum#3 4-5-18

Bid Specs:  FSB-19 General Bid Specs; Bread Bid Specs; Grocery Bid Specs; Milk Bid Specs; Paper Bid Specs and Vending Bid Specs

Vendor Bid Forms Word Documents: FSB-19 Cert of N-C Tax (Mandatory form); FSB-19 Vendor Prep Bid Sheet (Mandatory form)Reference Form; USDA Forms

Vendor Bid Forms Excel Documents: FSB-19 Bread Vendor Bid Form; FSB-19 Grocery Vendor Bid Form; FSB-19 Milk Vendor Bid Form; FSB-19 Paper Vendor Bid Form; FSB-19 Vending Bid Form

FYI info: FSB-19 Cover Memo; FSB-19 Sum of District Estimates (by Category: Bread, Grocery revised 4-5-18, Milk, Paper, Vending); FSB-19 Delivery Points (emailed by request)

School Year 18-19 Bid Calendar

Bidder's Conference Notice 1/8/2018

FSB-19 Legal Notice


Food Service Bid (FSB-18) School Year 2017-2018

Bid Award Information for FY17-18:  

FSB18 Bread Award Summary 

FSB18 Milk Award Summary

FSB18 Paper Award Summary

FSB18 Vending Award Summary

FSB18 Grocery Award Summary


FSB-18 Nutritional Labels: click here for link



Athletic/PE Equipment and Supply Bid (A-PE-19) School Year 2018-2019


A-PE-19 Vendor Bid Form REVISED 3-27-18 (manufacturer's codes for some MISC Category Items corrected)  

Due Date EXTENDED AGAIN to Tuesday 4-3-18 at 11:00 a.m. due to office closure for holiday.


A-PE-19 Bidder Cover Memo

A-PE-19 Bid Specs and Forms (word)

A-PE-19 Vendor Bid Form (excel)

FYI...A-PE-19 Sum of Distirct Estimates Athletic; Sum of District Estimates PE

School Year 18-19 Bid Calendar *Revised dates

A-PE-19 Legal Notice


Athletic/PE Equipment and Supply Bid (A-PE-18) School Year 2017-2018

Bid Award Information for FY 17-18: Award Summary


Custodial Supply Bid (C-19) School Year 2018-2019

C-19 Bid Addendum#1 3-16-18

C-19 Bid Addendum#2 3-26-18

C-19 Bid Addendum#3 3-29-18

C-19 Cover Memo

C-19 Bid Specs

C-19 Vendor Bid Forms (Word)

C-19 Vendor Bid Forms (Excel)

FYI...C-19 Sum of Districts; C-19 Delivery Points

School Year 18-19 Bid Calendar

C-19 Legal Notice


Custodial Supply Bid (C-18) School Year 2017-2018


Bid Award Information for FY17-18: Award Summary updated 9-21-17



Fuel Oil Bid

This bid provides fixed or flexible options on #2 and #4 fuel oil to the participating districts. 

For more information contact Dan Shovack

FY 2017-2018 Bid documents:  Bid Notice;  Vendor Participation Form  IFB Oil-18  Bidder Questions  TEC Answers  Attachment for Question 5  Attachment for Question 14

FY 2017-2018 Awards: Zone 1  Zone 2


Natural Gas Bid

The TEC Bid for the supply of Natural Gas allows participants to purchase Natural Gas directly from suppliers. Participants have the option of purchasing either at a fixed price or at NYMEX + basis. Contract duration varies from one to three years at the discretion of individual districts.

For more information contact Dan Shovak